Two Ways Wasp Pest Control Can Change Your Life

Most people call pest management professionals when a wasp nest gets out of hand, but it pays to invest in wasp pest control before things get that far. It’s simpler, more affordable, and less stressful. Let things go too long, and you may find out the service may have prevented a serious problem. How can hiring the pros change your life? Consider the following benefits: Your family will be better protected from swarming stinging insects. While bees are the benevolent factions of the flying, sometimes stinging world, wasps tend to be the gangsters. They cruise around your property just looking for trouble, and when they find it, they attack as a group. Yellow jackets, including the off-named bald-faced hornet, are especially aggressive. Wasps are also quite common in Georgia and are extra likely to attack in late summer. Why? There are more of them, so food sources have gotten low. If you see a wasp flying in circles or otherwise appearing “drunk,” don’t believe the myths of f


Are You a Homeowner? If Yes, Here Are the Top 4 Ways Effective Pest Control Services Can Make Your Home Healthier

If you re a homeowner looking to make your home a healthier environment, effective pest control services probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. You’re more likely to think of air filtration systems, organic cleaning solutions, or vacuums with HEPA filters. You probably don’t think of ants or mice in the pantry as something that poses a health risk. However, dismissing pest control as being unrelated to your family’s health would be a big mistake. Here are the top four ways effective pest control services can make your home healthier: A Mouse-Free House You may have never actually seen a mouse in your house, but spotting their telltale droppings is all the proof you need to know they are there. Rodent droppings can contain disease-causing germs, including Hantavirus and salmonella. Cleaning up those droppings is just the first step in keeping your family healthy. Your rodent problem needs to be eliminated in order to rid your home of this disease risk. Bid the Buzz Goodbye

4 Ways Residential Rodent Control Is Important Even in the Winter

The need for residential rodent control doesn t drop off just because the mercury drops. In fact, pest control companies often see an uptick in rodent calls during the colder months. Lots of pests find their way inside homes during the winter, for the same reasons people tend to stay inside: It’s cold out there! Here are four of the most common ways residential rodent control is important even in the winter: 1. Rodents are warm-blooded mammals. They would prefer not to spend the cold winter months outside. That’s why they seek out warm, safe shelters for themselves. Unfortunately, our homes fit the bill perfectly for rodents looking for a cozy winter home. 2. In addition to shelter, rodents are constantly looking for sources of food and water. In the winter, plants go dormant and water sources can dry up or freeze. When rats or mice make their way inside your home, they know right away your place offers warmth and shelter. If they also find access to food and water somewhere insid

Do Traditional Traps Freak You Out? 4 Ways Professional Pest Control for Mice Can Change Your Life

Professional pest control companies have some pretty neat tricks up their sleeves. They understand that while you don’t want mice intruding in your living spaces, you also might not want to subject them to traditional mousetraps. Whether it’s the snapping kind or the glue kind, they just don’t sound like a very nice way to go even though at times traditional traps are a necessary part of rodent control. Pest control technicians understand you might feel squeamish at the thought of setting out mouse bait and waiting for them to die inside your walls. If traditional traps freak you out, you’re not alone. There are other ways to handle your mouse problem, and a good pest control company can help you figure out what will work best for you. Keep reading to learn about four ways professional pest control for mice can change your life: 1. Stop the Chewing. One of the major concerns with rodents inside the home is their habit of chewing on…well, just about anything. But chewing on e

5 Ways To Choose The Right Professional Wildlife Control Company

If you own a home or commercial property, it’s just a matter of time before you need to call a professional wildlife control company. But how do you choose the best option? The favored techniques, traps, and methods vary from one company to the next. Choosing the right professional wildlife control company for your needs and location is important because not only do you want to get rid of your problem, you also want to prevent future problems with wildlife. Here are 5 ways to help you choose the best professional wildlife control company in the Atlanta area for your needs: 1.  Ask: Does the wildlife control company have a broad range of services for various wildlife species, or do they only deal with one kind of wildlife pest? Some companies only remove insects and mice, others only deal with bees. It is good to build a working relationship with your pest control company simply because re-occurrences are common with varying types of wildlife. You’ll want a wildlife control compan

5 Ways Prevention And Control Of Wildlife Damage Can Affect Your Resale Value

While pets offer people companionship and love, unwelcome critters bring wildlife damage and offer people headaches and expensive repairs. Birds, mice, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, bats, opossums, and even bees can wreak havoc on your building and its resale value. In fact, Georgia law requires that before a tenant puts a security deposit down and moves in to a rental, the landlord must give the tenant a complete list of all existing damages: including mice and other wildlife infestations. The tenant has thirty days to terminate the lease. If this is the case, the landlord is required to return the deposit. Anyone selling a house or commercial building is required to report all wildlife damages as well, and this law can make it very difficult to sell a house or building with a history of wildlife intrusion. Just a few ways wildlife can damage your building: Gnaw through building materials and contents such as wires, wood, walls, and cloth such as curtains and clothing. Feces and urine

The Top 4 Ways the Best Pest Control Companies Can Keep Critters Away from Your Business

The crucial task of keeping Atlanta’s commercial spaces pest-free requires careful attention from the best pest control companies. The pest control experts have specialized tools, equipment, products, and training on their side in the fight against unwelcomed critters. These professionals also know how important reliable pest control is for the success of your business. Here are the top 4 specific ways that the best pest control companies can keep pests out of your business: Crawling insects such as cockroaches or ants can cause a major problem for commercial properties, especially ones that prepare and serve food. Controlling these pests requires specially formulated spray products that the bugs crawl through, and then carry back to the nest on their feet and abdomens. Pest control companies can apply these products in targeted locations that will help to maximize their effect on insect colonies. Some commercial properties are also plagued by rodents like mice or rats. These pests