Dealing with Creepy Crawlers? 7 Top Tips for Home Roach Control

Home roach control helps you avoid an inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unsanitary problem. Like lice, roaches are an insect many people believe won’t be a problem if they follow normal hygiene standards. If that were true, neither of these insects would be seen regularly. As it is, cockroaches are fairly common in Atlanta, but there are [ ] The post Dealing with Creepy Crawlers? 7 Top Tips for Home Roach Control appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

4 Best Pest Control Tips for Avoiding a Mosquito Invasion

Ah, mosquitoes. Everybody truly hates them, and nobody seems to have any issue with eradicating them. Their buzzing is incredibly annoying, their bite hurts and itches, and they can transmit Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and various other mosquito borne illnesses. They don’t even prey on bugs worse than themselves. Mosquitoes are one pest that [ ] The post 4 Best Pest Control Tips for Avoiding a Mosquito Invasion appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

3 Quick Tips about Affordable Wildlife Control

In an effort to make their homes safe and comfortable, homeowners spend a significant amount of time seeking budget-friendly services, including affordable wildlife control. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to save a buck or two any way they can. It makes sense that your family’s comfort and health are of paramount concern, [ ] The post 3 Quick Tips about Affordable Wildlife Control appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Pest Prevention Tips for the Fall in Georgia

Fall is just around the corner and while it may have you thinking of crisp, cooler air, hot apple cider, and corn mazes, it also means that certain types of household pests will be seeking shelter from the coming winter. That shelter could be your home if you aren’t careful. Follow these pest prevention tips [ ] The post Pest Prevention Tips for the Fall in Georgia appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

10 Mosquito Yard Control and Prevention Tips

Few things can spoil an outdoor summer activity like mosquitoes buzzing around your head and biting you. Aside from the itchy bites and potential for carrying diseases, they are just plain annoying. These mosquito yard control tips will help you get a handle on your mosquito problem and let you take back your summer outdoor [ ] The post 10 Mosquito Yard Control and Prevention Tips appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Spider Pest Control Tips for Your Home and Yard

Spider, just the word sends a chill down many people’s spines. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; some are quite beautiful. That doesn’t mean that you want spiders in your home though. If you are dealing with spiders, pest control is probably your best option. Prevention can be very effective in managing a spider problem. Understanding Spiders You may be surprised to learn that not all spiders spin webs. Some spiders hunt their prey, often finding a dark place to lie in wait. When an insect passes by, the spider will pounce on it. Some will even chase their prey for a short distance. Most spiders are pretty shy and prefer areas that do not have a lot of human traffic. Attics, basements, crawl spaces, and storage rooms are all prime habitats for many species of spiders. They also like clutter so if you have clothing, newspapers, or magazines on the floor they may take up residence there. Spiders Can Be Beneficial For all their creepy crawliness, spiders are actually benefi

Tips For Managing a Spring Ant Infestation

As spring breezes in, it’s time to begin thinking about pests that become very active during this time of year. Of the more prevalent, bothersome pests in homes, ants rank right up there with the best of them. They can invade a home, seemingly overnight, and be very difficult to get rid of. They can fit through impossibly small openings; so, it can be quite a challenge to determine how they are coming in and make sure that all potential access points are sealed. Here’s what you need to know about managing a spring ant infestation. An Ounce of Prevention and a Pound of Cure Ants will enter a home for any number of reasons, but typically it’s because they are looking for food. If you have food on your counters (even tiny crumbs), it’s like laying out the welcome mat for ants. They will march in and take over in nothing flat. To prevent a spring ant infestation – or one during any time of the year – make sure that you take these preventative measures. Know your enemy. Knowing