When the Dog Starts Scratching, It’s Time to Rid Your House of Fleas

So, it’s fall, and coincidentally you need to rid your house of fleas. Isn t this the same problem you had last year around this time? Fleas are cyclical, like many bugs. So, the end of the summer is the perfect time for them to go into overdrive. Chances are they’re not just on your dog—or [ ] The post When the Dog Starts Scratching, It s Time to Rid Your House of Fleas appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.


Has the Dog Got the Itches? Why It’s Time for Household Flea Control

Prevention is key for household flea control, but if you find a bug in your yard or in your home, be prepared to act fast. The most effective method of control is a one-two combo that starts with your pet and ends with your property. Unfortunately, the fleas you see are likely five percent or [ ] The post Has the Dog Got the Itches? Why It s Time for Household Flea Control appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Killing Fleas In Your Home After Treating the Dog

It usually starts small, so small you barely notice it. You’re sitting on the sofa, and a flea jumps on you. You notice an itchy, red spot on your arm or leg. Maybe your dog is scratching a little more than usual. The next thing you know, you have a full blown infestation, and you’re [ ] The post Killing Fleas In Your Home After Treating the Dog appeared first on North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Do You Need Flea Pest Control Services Anywhere But on the Dog?

Flea pest control is one of the biggest expenses for American pet owners. We collectively spend about $9 billion a year on flea control products and services. Discovering fleas on a beloved cat or dog often sends people into a frenzy of flea dipping their pets and obsessively vacuuming the home. But knowing where in the home you are most likely to find fleas is an important piece of information in your war against fleas. Here is how to effectively enact flea pest control practices in your home. Where In the House Do Fleas Like to Hide? Fleas don’t only hang out on your cat or dog’s fur. They will most often be found on and around pet beds, and under furniture, cushions, chairs, beds, and along baseboards. If your vacuum uses bags, be sure to discard these bags every week. Fleas can lay eggs in vacuum bags, which will perpetuate the cycle of infestation. How Long Can Fleas Live? Right after eating blood from its host animal, a female flea begins laying eggs within two days. She can