Professional Treatment for Termites: What to Expect

No homeowner wants to hear that they might have termites, or worse, that termites have been found on their property. These pests can wreak havoc on wood structures including the wood frames of houses. If you’ve found termites on your property or you just want to make sure they never come to visit, professional treatment for termites is the answer. But what should you expect? We’ll clear that up for you right now. The Discussion When the technician arrives at your home, the first thing they will typically do is talk to you about the various types of termites in your area. There are several species of termites in Georgia, including Formosan which can be extremely destructive. They will discuss potential dangers within your neighborhood and whether your home could be at risk. From there, they will talk with you about any termite prevention programs that you are currently doing and if you have ever had termites in the past. Establishing a history will help the technician determine the

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