Home Termite Control: Your Questions Answered

Termites are expensive. In the United States alone, termites cost homeowners an estimated $5 BILLION each year! The average amount a homeowner will spend to repair termite damage is $3,000. You can’t take termites lightly; so, these are some of our most often asked questions about home termite control. Should I worry about termites? Subterranean termites are prevalent in Georgia; this includes the extremely destructive Formosan termites. While wood is their primary food source, termites also feed on insulation, paper, swimming pool liners, and books. Considering the amount of damage that certain species, like the Formosan, can cause, the prudent homeowner is concerned about termites. It is particularly important when selling or buying a home. When is termite season? Termite season typically falls during the spring months, from March until May. During this time large numbers of swarmers, winged termites, leave their existing colonies to begin new ones. It is during this time that hom

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