The Truth About What Gets Rid of Ants In the House

Ants can be some of the toughest pests to get out of your house. Just like other pests, ants come into a home seeking food, water, and sometimes harborage. Often the nest is located outside the home, and the ants use access points (like under or around doors and through windows) to get inside and get food to bring back to their queen and young. Knowing what gets rid of ants in the home, though, is only part of the puzzle. Why do ants choose your home? The key to knowing what gets rid of ants is knowing what attracts them to your home in the first place. The most likely reason that most ant species venture into a home is a search for food. Sometimes they are attracted to water, but mostly it is food, and in many kitchens, they don’t have to look too far. Pet food left out, crumbs on the counter, and food that has been dropped on the floor are all veritable feasts for ants. The garbage can also presents a buffet for hungry ants. The thing is, you can be fairly diligent about cleaning

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