Insect Control: Managing Various Types of Flying Insects

There are many different types of flying insects that can be found in or around your home. Outside, they can be a nuisance, wrecking outdoor social gatherings or even just simple family barbeques. Inside, they can cause annoyances, embarrassment, and even illness. Understanding the appropriate insect control and prevention methods for each type of pest will help you keep your home and yard pest free. Common Types of Flying Insects in the Home Any pest that is outside has the potential to come inside through open doors or windows, or ride in on people or pets. However, there are types of flying insects that prefer to be indoors. They include: Cockroaches (American and Asian) – While German cockroaches rarely fly, American and Asian cockroaches do. In all fairness, American cockroaches actually glide, but they are still airborne. They come into a home usually in search of water and food. Keep your counters clean, and don’t leave water standing in your sink or in dishes; this will he


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