Tips For Managing a Spring Ant Infestation

As spring breezes in, it’s time to begin thinking about pests that become very active during this time of year. Of the more prevalent, bothersome pests in homes, ants rank right up there with the best of them. They can invade a home, seemingly overnight, and be very difficult to get rid of. They can fit through impossibly small openings; so, it can be quite a challenge to determine how they are coming in and make sure that all potential access points are sealed. Here’s what you need to know about managing a spring ant infestation. An Ounce of Prevention and a Pound of Cure Ants will enter a home for any number of reasons, but typically it’s because they are looking for food. If you have food on your counters (even tiny crumbs), it’s like laying out the welcome mat for ants. They will march in and take over in nothing flat. To prevent a spring ant infestation – or one during any time of the year – make sure that you take these preventative measures. Know your enemy. Knowing


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