What Do Spring Termite Swarms Really Mean?

As winter fades into spring, the warmer weather brings about many changes as signs of life emerge after the long winter nap. Flowers begin to bloom; animals begin to move about, and termites begin to swarm. Spring termite swarms often cause panic to grip the hearts of many a homeowner, but what do they mean, really? The Truth About Spring Termite Swarms Subterranean termites tend to swarm in the spring. Not all subterranean species swarm at the same time. They can be separated by a matter of hours or even several weeks, but it is usually based on weather conditions because some species require more moisture in the air than others. Swarming is typically associated with the colony’s maturity and age. Most subterranean termite colonies that are native to an area will only swarm if the colony is around three years old – rarely if it is younger. The reason termites swarm is to begin new colonies. At the swarming part of the life cycle, young termites leave their colony to start a new o


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