Termite Treatment Options for Your Home and Property

In the United States alone, the damage caused by termites and the professionals hired to provide termite control costs the public more than five billion dollars every year. Georgia has a very heavy subterranean termite population. Formosan termites, a particular type of subterranean termites, are also found in Georgia but are not native to the area. However, they are extremely destructive, mainly due to their massive numbers. Homeowners should know what termite treatment options are available to them for their home and property so they can make educated decisions regarding how to move forward should termites be found in or near their home. Can You Treat Your Own Home for Termites? While there are some pest control treatments you can do on your own, a professional termite treatment is typically not one of them. The experts strongly advise against homeowners doing their own termite treatments; a qualified, experienced, licensed professional is better suited for the task. Termite control


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