Controlling and Eliminating Fleas in your Home

Fleas can take over a home in a very short amount of time, and getting rid of them can be not only frustrating, but also rather costly. Fleas can cause medical and dermatological conditions in both humans and pets, including the itching and irritation caused by their bite. Eliminating fleas in your home is not only a comfort issue, it is a health issue. However, it is sometimes easier said than done. DIY Eliminating Fleas in your Home Often successful flea control involves treating the home and yard. If you have pets, they will have to be treated as well. If you don’t have pets you should look around your home and property, particularly in the crawlspace or basement. Sometimes wildlife will seek shelter in or around a house, especially in cold weather, and often they are infested with fleas. If you find animals or evidence of wild animals around your home, call a professional who is qualified in nuisance wildlife control to remove the animals from the area. When eliminating fleas in

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