Why You Should Hire A Professional For Dead Squirrel Removal

Discovering a dead squirrel in your yard, home, or pool is an unpleasant event in and of itself. However, it could pose a health risk to you, your family, your pets, and other animals, especially if it is not handled and disposed of properly. Because of this, experts advise that dead squirrel removal is best left to professionals. Signs of a Dead Squirrel in your Yard or Home Usually, the first sign of a dead squirrel is the smell. As the animal’s corpse begins to decay, it produces gasses that give off the smell that is often associated with rotting flesh. Fluids begin to drain out, leeching in the wood, insulation, and sheetrock if the carcass is in a wall or attic, causing stains. Other signs of a dead animal (aside from actually seeing the carcass) include: Swarming flies Increased animal interest in the area where the dead animal is Increased insect activity including ants and beetles Crows or vultures congregating and feeding in the area You may have to search if you can smell

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