How Wildlife Exclusion Services Stop Rats and Squirrels from Entering Your Home

Wildlife exclusion services are among the most valuable tasks performed by pest management professionals. Why continue to treat symptoms when you could get to the root of a problem? While trapping programs designed to remove rodents from one’s home are a great start, the real value is in exclusion service. The wildlife exclusion service involves sealing all potential entry points of the targeted pest to prevent their entry in the first place! Consider the best wildlife exclusion services for the following areas in your home: Gaps between two different areas of building or cladding material Squirrels, rats and other vermin are among the most obnoxious pests because of the determination they display in entering your home. They’re sure to take advantage of any vulnerabilities in the construction of your house. Small rodents can enter holes the size of a quarter; so, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your house’s exterior and block every possible entrance you can find. Typical

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