What Professional Bat Control Means to Your Home This Winter

Professional bat control services are usually called in emergencies when an animal has already made its way indoors and is a potential threat to the people and pets in a home. We’re more than capable of helping you remove wild animals. However, you may get more benefit from our exclusionary services. Hire us, before you have a problem, to keep bats and other pests out of your home for good. Here are just a few facts from professional bat control specialists: Bats can enter homes through tiny spaces. There are 16 species found in Georgia, and all of them are somewhat diminutive. Being so tiny themselves, it’s easy for them to gain entrance to your home through the smallest of holes. Even a ½ inch is big enough to allow a bat to get indoors. Gaps of this size can be found along roof ridges, at points where walls meet, in areas where siding has slipped or cracked and in roof vents and chimneys. One of our bat specialists can scour your property for gaps and apply the most appropriat


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