House Pest Control: How Can Gutter Protection Help Keep the Pests out of My Home?

There are plenty of small actions you can take to simplify your house pest control. The cold months of the year have a way of showing humans just how vulnerable they really are to the impact of Mother Nature. Covering the gutters on your home is a simple, one-time task capable of safeguarding your property from insects and other pests. It goes a long way to reducing water problems around your home, but it can also physically block wildlife from finding a way indoors. Consider the value you get right away from high-quality gutter protection, like LeafProof®: • Gutter protection prevents clogging from leaves and debris. Your gutters play an important role in keeping the roof and foundation of your home in good condition. Unfortunately, a clogged gutter can do more harm than good. The patented LeafProof® system offers superior protection against leaves, twigs and other materials causing blockages. Ants and roaches thrive in these environments, and infestations easily move indoors. Si


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