Mystery Solved! Secrets to Getting Rid of Black Ants

Few homeowners want to assign themselves the task of getting rid of black ants, but it’s likely to come up anyway. Georgia is renowned for pest problems because our climate here is so conducive to insect growth and propagation. It’s not just termites or cockroaches that terrorize Atlanta families either. Your basic black ant can become an overwhelming problem, scuttling across you while you’re sleeping, darting into your food and – in the case of carpenter ants – chewing holes in building materials. Over time, this type of damage can cause serious issues with stability and pose real hazards. Keep reading to discover our top tips for getting rid of black ants: Scrub Your Counters and Your Floors. It goes without saying that pest control begins with a clean home, so please don’t be insulted. Scrubbing floors, counters and even the walls is important when you’re dealing with ants and has nothing to do with your hygiene levels. Any bit of open food in your home will attract

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