Turn That Frown Upside Down with This Important Info on Home Termite Treatments

It’s easy to assume the best home termite treatment is a repellent. There are many companies selling the idea that a perimeter treatment featuring a “cheap” repellent termiticide will protect your home or property from termite infestation and costly damages. The truth is – while perimeter treatments featuring repellent termiticides can provide a small amount of protection – it’s incredibly difficult to create an unbroken barrier (which is necessary when using repellent termiticides) around your property, even when a solution is applied by a trained pest control specialist. In Georgia, we have more than our fair share of termites; so, they will eventually find a way to your home. These bugs may be small, but they’re capable of producing massive amounts of expensive damage. You need a solution capable of providing you with consistent protection. Consequently, the two top-rated termite control products in the country are not repellents. Instead, they’re designed to take t


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