How Long Will it Take to Get the Itching to Stop With Professional Flea Control?

Professional flea control will begin to control your infestation immediately by utilizing a smart combination of services. Fleas don’t just take root in your house. They attack—and live on—your pets. They hide out in furniture and carpet. They can even set up shop in your yard. Successful professional flea control treatment begins in the house, extends to your outdoor property and includes recommendations on vet-assisted flea management. You’ll be lucky to make a dent at all if you’re relying on store-bought products, so get on top of this problem now by calling the pest experts. Learn how professionals stop a flea infestation in its tracks: Treat pets for fleas, and apply flea prevention. Dogs and cats commonly pick up fleas, but other animals aren’t immune. We just have a habit of assuming our guinea pigs or other smaller pets will be spared. Unfortunately, fleas will even bite humans if they’re desperate enough, and one bite can fuel a whole litter of new bugs. Each o

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