The Most Common Misconceptions About Home Bug Control

Homeowners often make assumptions about home bug control instead of seeking reliable information. Common misconceptions prolong pest problems, leading to wasted money, home damage, and sometimes illness. Before you make any decisions regarding your pest control plan, make sure you’re educated on what’s really available. For instance, the following misconceptions sometimes keep people from getting the help they deserve: Home bug control is a luxury. Homeowners in other parts of the country may see pest control as a luxury. Like maid service, it’s considered an unnecessary expense for a task homeowners could manage themselves. If you’ve lived in the Atlanta area for any length of time, however, you understand how wrong this is. We have more bugs here than most of the US, and they all want into your house. Consumer products aren’t capable of putting up a strong enough defense against this onslaught of insects. Typically speaking, homeowners here need professional pest preventio


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