The Arachnid Reality: What You Can Do About Home Spider Control

Homeowners usually don’t invest in home spider control until they have a serious problem on their hands. Even then, they might avoid addressing the problem head on, but ignoring the signs of a spider infestation can come back to bite you. Here are a few simple tips for home spider control: Get rid of your cardboard boxes. It’s common for homeowners to keep their old boxes for a rainy day. We all like to help when friends need to move, and no one wants to go out and get a box for shipping goods if they could keep one on hand, but these items represent the types of areas where Georgia’s most dangerous spiders make their homes. Both the black widow and brown recluse inhabit seldom used areas of our homes and cluster around clutter that isn’t often disturbed. Keep your house as clear of these environments as possible. Twice a year, clean out those dark and dreary spaces. Most homes have one room or more meant for storage. These places often collect odds and ends. Messy rooms will


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