How Effective Is the Carpenter Ant Extermination Process?

Fast and efficient carpenter ant extermination helps prevent major damage to your home. These ants dig large tunnels in the wood in and around your property. In the process, they damage your foundation, can create structural problems and pose a serious annoyance. Carpenter ants don’t bite, but they can create dangerous situations by riddling your home’s framework with holes. Invest in the following proven carpenter ant extermination and prevention methods: Proper species identification is the start to your carpenter ant extermination. There are two main varieties of carpenter ant—an all-black species and one both black and red. It can be incredibly difficult for homeowners to correctly determine which one they’re dealing with; so, seeking the input of the local extension office or a bug expert can help. Of course, an experienced professional pest management company will have the training and experience to do this from the get-go. Knowing what you’re trying to control is esse

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