The 3 Most Surprising Secrets from Bug Control Companies

Bug control companies know they’re a necessity in the Atlanta area. The weather here is ripe for long-term infestations for those without the professional help needed to prevent them. You can’t beat Mother Nature, but you may be able to keep pests and rodents at bay, preserving your comfort and protecting your property in the process. Here are 3 techniques bug control companies use to stay ahead of pest problems: 1. Professionals mix-and-match treatment types. Baits, sprays, traps and other forms of pest control are readily available on store shelves. But did you know there are certain products only available via professional pest control services? You need special licenses, equipment, and training in order to use them correctly; so, they aren’t available on the consumer market. Yet even with these professional products at their fingertips, pros in pest control do one thing different from nearly every homeowner who is trying to battle bugs at home.

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