Why Small Flying Insects Are So Annoying, and How to Get Rid of Them

Are you ready to rid yourself of small flying insects? From mosquitos to fruit flies, these pests can get really annoying, not to mention unhealthy. While you can purchase products to help control these bugs on your own, hiring a professional is usually easier, cheaper, and more effective. Look at the following small flying insects and what you can do to get rid of them: Houseflies contaminate food, skin and surfaces, while annoying you by buzzing and periodically landing on your body. Let’s face it. Houseflies are simply disgusting. They’re your second-cousin-twice-removed who picks his nose at the family reunion, and then wants to play cards. Every time a fly lands, it vomits AND excretes, dissolving the surface it’s standing on with the acids released, and then sucks it all back up with a sponge-like mouth. Is it any wonder they’re known for spreading disease? There’s a myth that flies only live one day, but they really live a full month. If it’s cold out, they can last


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