Do You Have Summer Pests? How to Get Rid of Bugs in the House

It’s always unsettling to find bugs in the house, but they can be cleared up quickly with help from the pros. In the meantime, you can get started on plans to keep them gone. Bugs are attracted to a handful of things. Drive them away by clearing these items out of your home. Check out the following issues that can lead to pests taking over your house: Water leaks and wet basements will draw pests in like a beacon. In a climate like Atlanta’s, it’s very difficult to keep indoor moisture down. Several companies make basement or whole-home dehumidifiers you can use to lower indoor humidity. Doing so should greatly reduce the number of insects that come into your house. Let moisture build up, and you’ll be dealing with a real problem. Water is the foundation of life for all living things; so, don’t be surprised when your perma-wet basement winds up filled with centipedes and earwigs. It’s essential to fix any leaking pipes, replace poorly performing sump pumps, and dry up mois

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