Want to Know How to Kill Mosquitoes? Read This First

Before you learn how to kill mosquitoes fast, focus on prevention to avoid the problem in the first place. Keeping mosquitoes from invading your space protects you, your family, your guests and your pets from surprising risks. Plus, no method is quite as fast as killing mosquitoes in advance. Here are just a few ways to avoid “skeeters” this summer: Start professional mosquito control treatments ASAP. That’s “as soon as possible,” continuing every month throughout fall, for many properties. Pest control specialists have access to green-friendly products capable of keeping mosquitoes from propagating on your property. This is as true for homeowners with tranquility pools as it is for those with rock gardens. Georgia is infamous for long, hot, and wet summers; so, it’s usually no surprise mosquitoes thrive here. What many don’t know is that the state is home to a high number of different species—more than exist in most areas—so there are a variety of different products


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