What Do I Need To Know About A Termite Baiting System?

A termite baiting system presents an easy, green way to prevent or eliminate termite infestations on your property. Some products are better than others, however; so, it’s important to research the type of solutions used by a company before signing a contract. It should also be noted that DIY systems are rarely meant to clean up an infestation on their own and are typically labeled as support products. For Georgia families, professional help is almost always needed. Consider the most important elements of an effective bait management system: Active bait stations work from the moment they’re installed. In the past, termite baiting stations placed around a property would be installed without active termite bait inside the station. Once live termites were identified in a particular station, bait would be loaded into that station and that station only. This was a very reactive approach to termite control and left many properties susceptible to termite infestation. Today, the leading t

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