What You Need to Know about Brown Recluse Spider Control This Summer

Brown recluse spider control is essential for Georgia residents, but there are reasons why it’s a job best left to the pros. First, the spider is often—as in, 80 percent of the time—confused with other species. Second, they are much smaller than people believe, meaning the brown spider you’re planning your control plan around is likely nothing to worry about, while the real risks go ignored in your home. Georgia, though not part of the region most heavily impacted by brown recluses, does have confirmed infestations every year. Finally, the bite of these spiders is potentially life-threatening; so, they’re really not something to leave up to chance. Here are more specifics you can use to identify and control the brown recluse spiders in your home: They’re about the size of a quarter. This is probably the big reason the brown recluse is misidentified so often. People are expecting a large spider, something that looks formidable, and these guys really don’t look that threat


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