How to Keep Mosquitoes Away and Get Back to Summer

It can be really difficult to keep mosquitoes away during summer. Not only do they reproduce in numbers so high they exhaust you just thinking about them, but they can also travel up to three miles from where they hatch. Certainly there are ways to prevent attracting them, but controlling populations often takes an expert touch. Follow these tips to keep mosquitos away this summer: Remove pooling water on your property. It takes mosquito larvae as little as 4 days to hatch and develop, so a little legwork can provide a big benefit. As long as you go over your yard twice a week to remove water sitting in lawn ornaments, children’s toys and the likes, you shouldn’t be guilty of breeding your own mosquitoes. The one exception is a landscape design with water features. You don’t have to forgo tranquil design to enjoy a mosquito-free yard. Just work with an expert. There are several products you can add to pooling water to prevent mosquito eggs and larvae from maturing. Hire professi


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