Dealing with Creepy Crawlers? 7 Top Tips for Home Roach Control

Home roach control helps you avoid an inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unsanitary problem. Like lice, roaches are an insect many people believe won’t be a problem if they follow normal hygiene standards. If that were true, neither of these insects would be seen regularly. As it is, cockroaches are fairly common in Atlanta, but there are a few measures you can take to get rid of them. Follow these seven steps to keep your home roach-free: 1.  Make strategic applications around your living structure and inside your home. Professional pest control companies have access to highly effective products, and they have the knowledge and tools to use them correctly. Timely treatments are your first defense against cockroaches because they combat infestation regardless of what condition your property is in or what your neighbors are doing. 2.  Discuss bait and trap options. There are a myriad of products available for controlling roaches. Glue traps, bait stations, residuals, insect growth re


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