Looking for the Best Home Termite Control? Look No Further

A Georgia family contracting with supposedly one of the best home termite control companies in the country recently filed suit claiming poor services have destroyed their family home. The company is accused of fudging annual renewal inspections and failing to provide necessary treatments. Now the floors, support bearing walls, and porch supports have completely crumbled in a house built just 40 years ago. How did it happen? What could have prevented problems from getting so bad? How can you make sure you’re dealing with the right company? Look for companies with these top qualities, and you should never have to worry about winding up in bad situation. The best home termite control companies take their time and require an interior inspection. A thorough termite inspection can’t be performed in 5 minutes or without coming inside the structure. That’s true for an initial or annual renewal inspection. Some inspectors only check for termites or mud tubes leading into your house from

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