5 Reason a Termite Inspection for a Home Purchase is So Important

In many states, a termite inspection for home purchase is required by law. These help detect the presence of any existing infestations or damage, and they may recommend a termite control service plan to keep problems at bay. In Georgia, you’re likely to need services to keep your property clear of bugs; so, knowing how much it will cost before you buy is extremely helpful. However, there are many reasons to get an inspection. Here are five reasons to hire a termite inspector before you put an offer on a new home. 1.  Georgia has big termite problems. Every year, these tiny bugs cause approximately $300 million in damage. How? Well, they aren’t easy to notice. Homeowners brush off professional inspections, miss red flags and wind up footing the bill for major repairs. They can’t count on homeowners insurance to cover them either. Damage caused by pests is largely considered a maintenance issue. 2.  Law puts the burden on the buyer. It doesn’t make sense to many in the real es

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