Why is Backyard Mosquito Control Such a Challenge?

Backyard mosquito control is essential to enjoying a fun, relaxing summer in Georgia’s great outdoors. These bugs are annoying; their bites sting (and then itch), and worst of all, they can pass along serious diseases. Protect your family, and get the most from your property this summer by effectively treating your yard for mosquitoes. Here are just a few reasons mosquito control is so challenging: Many different types of mosquitoes live here. As of today, entomologists have identified 63 species of mosquitoes that call Georgia home. That’s an impressive number, but it’s not one that bodes well for residents or livestock here. With so many different types to control, the chances of one or two products solving the problem aren’t very high. You may need to use several different types and methods in order to effectively control your backyard environment. Georgia’s weather provides the perfect conditions. Spring and summer is a time of torrential downpour in Georgia, with water

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