5 Reasons Controlling Carpenter Bees is So Important

Controlling carpenter bees is less about preventing stings than it is about preventing massive property damage. Like carpenter ants and termites, these flying insects destroy wooden components of your home by burrowing into the wood to create galleries. They lay their eggs in these galleries, or large tunnels in the wood, potentially posing serious stability risks to your home’s structure, not to mention unsightly aesthetics. However, that’s not the end of the damage they can cause you. Here are five reasons you should schedule carpenter bee pest prevention today: 1.  Galleries, or nests, are ½-inch in diameter. Unlike carpenter beetles or termites, which squeeze into miniscule sized holes, the nesting tunnels of carpenter bees are quite wide. They’re also fairly long, with each leg measuring seven to 12 inches. Each year, the tunnels can be reused, and a new tunnel is created each year, branching off of the old construction. It’s easy to see how load-bearing beams could cru

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