What Do You Need to Know about Termite Control Services for This Spring?

Spring is the perfect time to begin termite control services. Why? It’s the season when colonies are easiest to find. This is also the time of year when infestations spread, making it critical for prevention. It’s time now to get ahead of any problems. Termites aren’t always easy to spot, but keeping a look out for the following can protect your house. Here are few important things to know about termites and termite prevention: Swarming Black Bugs Several species of insects develop the same way; so, it isn’t always easy to tell the type of swarm you’re observing. Swarming termites (future termite kings and queens) have wings and fly during mating season. Then, they relocate with their partners to create colonies of their own. They’re also living proof that your property already has at least one termite colony, and if you’re not careful, you’re bound to have several more. Unfortunately, they closely resemble swarming ants or flies, and no one wants to jump the gun when

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