How Do Termite Treatments Work?

If you suspect there are termites on your property, you might be curious about many things. How do termite treatments work? Are certain products better than others at eradicating termites? How much will it cost to get rid of the termites on your property? Do you need to hire a pest control company to handle it? Never fear – keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how termite treatments work. What are your options for termite treatments? There are essentially two kinds of post construction termite treatments: 1. Liquid soil treatments (where termiticide is applied directly to the soil) 2. Termite baiting systems Liquid soil treatments, with repellant termiticides Liquid or soil treatments may utilize either repellant or non-repellant termiticides. Repellant termiticides make the treated area unappealing to termites, which encourage them to continue looking elsewhere for new territory or food sources. When termites approach or enter a zone that’s been treated with a


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