4 Best Pest Control Tips for Avoiding a Mosquito Invasion

Ah, mosquitoes. Everybody truly hates them, and nobody seems to have any issue with eradicating them. Because really, what biological role do they play in the ecosystem? Their buzzing is incredibly annoying, their bite hurts and itches, and they can transmit West Nile virus. They don’t pollinate anything, and they don’t prey on bugs than worse themselves. Mosquitoes are one pest that nobody has any pity for. You don’t have to stay inside just because the mosquitoes have returned this spring. Warm weather, green grass, and a hot barbecue are calling your name – don’t let the mosquitoes take over your property! If you take a few easy steps to eliminate existing mosquitoes and prevent more from hatching, you stand a pretty good chance of enjoying your back yard whenever you want. Here are four of the best pest control tips for avoiding a mosquito invasion: Eliminate any standing, stagnant water on your property. It doesn’t take much swampy water to hatch thousands of mosquito

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