Can Your Local Pest Control Company Rescue You from Mosquitoes and THESE Flying and Stinging Insects?

With warm weather and sunny days come the flying and stinging insects that we all loathe. Mosquitoes, yellow jackets, hornets, carpenter bees, and wasps can put a damper on our outdoor activities like few other pests can. The season can be especially frustrating when someone in the family is allergic to stings. For all of these insects, spring is the time when fertilized eggs hatch and become the busy worker bees and wasps that we see buzzing around flowers and trees. Wondering if your local pest control company can rescue you from these flying and stinging insects? Here’s what you need to know. What about wasps? There are lots of different kinds of wasps, and in fact, not all wasps live in hives. Wasps that do build hives tend to prefer to build in sheltered locations, such as hollow trees or in the crannies of buildings. Some species of wasps tend to be quite aggressive, and therefore pose more of a danger than other species. Most kinds of wasps have small barbs on their stingers,


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