3 Myths about Pest Control for Ants – and the Cold, Hard Truth

One complaint that pest control companies get all year long is regarding pest control for ants in the house. Even the cleanest, most well-kept homes in Atlanta have ant problems at some point. Ants are persistent little buggers, constantly expanding their colonies and looking for food sources. And because Georgia experiences so little cold weather, we don’t get large ant die-offs like states to the north of us enjoy. People dealing with persistent ant issues may become desperate, willing to try just about anything to get rid of these pests. Old wives’ tales, home remedies, DIY – whatever you call it, folks will give it a shot if there’s an ounce of hope in it. Here are three of the most interesting myths about pest control for ants that we’ve heard, as well as the cold, hard truth: 1. Drawing a chalk line across your doorways will keep ants out. You may have tried this once or twice, and noticed that the ants tend to turn around and go back from whence they came. Chalk tempo


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