Should You Really Bother with Spring Termite Inspections?

Professional pest control companies typically recommend annual termite inspections for their regular customers. Clients who invest in a pest management program often enjoy this benefit as part of their full package of services. But other homeowners are not always easily convinced if or when termite inspections are even necessary. Have you recently been wondering whether you should really bother with spring termite inspections for your home or properties? Here’s the thing about spring termite inspections – you can do a preliminary check for termites on your own, and spring is the perfect time to do it. Warm spring temperatures and rainfall trigger an instinctive signal for winged termites, called swarmers. These bugs take flight from their colonies, pair off to mate, shed their wings, and head underground to start new colonies. So during the increasingly warm spring days ahead, you can easily walk the perimeter of your home or property and look for piles of insects or their dropped


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