Fido Not the Only One Scratching? Why Pest Control for Fleas Goes Beyond a Doggie Flea Dip

Do you really need pest control for fleas? A pest control company might be the last call you d consider making when you find fleas on your dog. After all, a quick flea dip at the groomer’s, run the vacuum over the carpet, and you’re all set – right? Wrong! Your dog picked up those fleas somewhere, and there’s a reasonable chance that it happened in your own back yard. Fleas can live in your yard for a short time, but it’s more likely that your dog picked up the fleas from another animal. Has your pup chased down any wild animals lately? Do you have an indoor/outdoor cat who comes and goes as she pleases? Any chance of wild animals or other pests having access to your home? All of these scenarios and more could potentially introduce fleas into your home. That’s why your pest control plan for fleas has to go far beyond a doggie flea dip. When you spot the telltale signs of fleas in your home – brown, visible bugs jumping on your pets, carpet, and furniture – the first st

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