4 Ways Residential Rodent Control Is Important Even in the Winter

The need for residential rodent control doesn t drop off just because the mercury drops. In fact, pest control companies often see an uptick in rodent calls during the colder months. Lots of pests find their way inside homes during the winter, for the same reasons people tend to stay inside: It’s cold out there! Here are four of the most common ways residential rodent control is important even in the winter: 1. Rodents are warm-blooded mammals. They would prefer not to spend the cold winter months outside. That’s why they seek out warm, safe shelters for themselves. Unfortunately, our homes fit the bill perfectly for rodents looking for a cozy winter home. 2. In addition to shelter, rodents are constantly looking for sources of food and water. In the winter, plants go dormant and water sources can dry up or freeze. When rats or mice make their way inside your home, they know right away your place offers warmth and shelter. If they also find access to food and water somewhere insid


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