The Insiders Guide To Ground Squirrel Control

There’s a reason ground squirrel control services are in high demand in Georgia. Ground squirrels are one of the most common mammals living in our area. They are easily adaptable to different environments and can find places to burrow and make homes nearly anywhere. Ground squirrels will eat any food they find easily available – including the contents of your bird feeder! They’ll also eat fresh greens and some fruit. If a ground squirrel decides your residence or property is a nice place to live, you have reason to be wary. You may have more than a few scampering and chattering squirrels to deal with before long, as squirrels are speedy reproducers. On average, half of a female’s offspring survive – and most females bear up to fifteen kits at a time. Problems Here are just a few ways little ground squirrels can cause big problems for your building, residence, or property: Squirrels often take over attics causing multiple damages to the building including chewing through wire


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