The 10 Most Surprising Things A Wildlife Control Agent Does On The Job

While it seems like the job title is the very definition, and it is in its own way, there are certain aspects to the job of a wildlife control agent that go unnoticed. The actual definition of the purpose of a wildlife control agent will commonly read something like this: “Controls wildlife and maintains habitat by helping maintain nature’s balance, providing property damage control measures, and relocating wildlife.” While that’s a good summary of what we do, there are many other duties included in the day-to-day job of a wildlife control agent. Some of the ten most surprising tasks a wildlife control agent does on the job are: Arrange for disposition of fish or game illegally taken or possessed. Provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies as required, including assisting patrol officers and investigators in handling animals present during crimes or even included in crimes. They even provide assistance with animals during evictions. They don’t just catch or relocat


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