Got Some Pesky Critters Taking Advantage Of Your Cozy Cottage? 4 Tips for Pest Control With Mice.

There’s a reason you need to know about pest control with mice before you have a problem. You see, house mice live and thrive pretty much anywhere they can make a nest and find food. The trouble for humans is they love to thrive in our homes and eat our food. Mice are more than just pests when they eat our food and gnaw through pretty much everything they can reach. They can actually spread disease, too. House mice contaminate surfaces they come in contact with through their feces (which is one of the main ways you discover an active mouse or mouse population). Their feces may contain salmonella, a common cause of food poisoning. And if they have fleas, the fleas may spread diseases lurking in the rodents’ blood to your pets and your family. There is hope however, mice infestations can not only be kept in check; they can be all but eliminated. Here are some tips to help you be rodent residence released: 1.  Keep It Clean. Though mice can live in small spaces with limited food and

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