The Top 6 Reasons Your Neighbors Are Calling For A Pest Control Company

Well, you may or may not need to call a pest control company. Though situations like this make us all wonder, there may no reason to panic just yet. There are many reasons to call a pest control company and most are for basic problems or even just “peace of mind” visits. Some of the most common reasons anyone, neighbor or not, calls a pest control company over for a visit are: Mice These furry little pests commonly and usually come indoors during the winter months seeking warmth and an easy food source. Seeing just one whisker-twitching mouse scamper across a floor or counter may be reason enough to phone. Cockroaches These little pests are actually not native to the US. They migrated on ships from Africa over the centuries of oceanic travel and prefer a warm and humid climate, which is why they like infesting homes and other buildings. They like moist foods and will avoid bright light. Professional pest control companies have been very helpful in keeping them in check. Fleas If y

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