The Most Common Reasons for Calls to Wildlife and Pest Control during the Winter Months

Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn t mean that the need for wildlife and pest control screeches to a halt in the winter. In fact, the opposite is true. Think about it: if you were a bug or critter and you didn’t want to be stuck out in the cold, what would you do? You would probably find your way into a nice, warm building to provide shelter until springtime, and that’s just what tons of animals and insects do. While you can’t blame them, you also don’t want to put up with them. If you have noticed an increase in spider webs or mysterious scurrying noises in the last couple of months, just know you are not alone. Winter is a busy time for North Fulton Pest Solutions. Here are the most common reasons why we get calls for wildlife and pest control during the winter months: Animals are nesting in the attic or crawl space. Scurrying and scratching sounds are often the first sign of a wildlife problem. Perhaps you spotted raccoons or squirrels scampering across your r

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