Curious about the Process? The Basics of Wildlife Control Services from the Experts

Wildlife control services are in high demand during the winter months. It’s common for all kinds of mammals to search for warm and safe shelters to wait out the cold weather. Unfortunately, attics, crawl spaces, garages, and sheds make great nesting places for critters of all kinds. Beginning in the fall and continuing through the winter, the North Fulton Pest Control customer service team always sees an uptick in the number of wildlife control calls we get. If you are curious about the wildlife control process, keep reading to learn about the expert services we offer. Wildlife Control Process: Assessment The wildlife control process always begins with an assessment to determine what kinds of wildlife are present on the property. If you have spotted the wildlife yourself, then that’s a great start. But oftentimes, the homeowner has merely heard scurrying noises coming from the attic, or spotted droppings in the home. This scenario requires a little more research, because it’s im


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