Tis the Season! For Management of Wildlife Before Santa Comes Down the Chimney

Management of wildlife is a year-round business in the Atlanta area. Mammals such as squirrels and raccoons tend to be a bigger nuisance during the winter months because they make their way inside homes to escape the cold weather. Once inside your attic or crawlspace, the destruction begins. Wood, wires, insulation, and pretty much anything being stored in the area are fair game for chewing and shredding in order to build nests. So how can you tell you have a situation that requires the management of wildlife on your property? Listen Up Your first signal that critters are in your attic or crawl space might be hearing strange noises. Raccoons and squirrels will not tiptoe through your attic to avoid being detected. They will scurry in and out all day long, venturing out to eat and coming back in to build nests and rest up. If you think you’ve heard something moving around in your attic, you’re probably right. Ceiling Stains Another sign that you need a wildlife management program i


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