Insider Secrets for Getting Rid of Raccoons

The idea of getting rid of raccoons causes emotional discomfort for many people. After all, raccoons are so cute! Between their little bandit masks, and their nimble little hands, and their cuddly little bellies, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, raccoons can be incredibly destructive. Outside they can decimate vegetable gardens. In your attic, they wreck wiring, insulation, air ducts, wallpaper, and wood – just about anything they can chew is fair game. Their urine and feces can generate a tremendous odor, and they can bring parasites and diseases into your home. With these facts in mind, here are some insider secrets for getting rid of raccoons: 1.  The first step in raccoon control is to understand that they only enter your home in order to find a warm, safe place to build a nest. Your attic or crawl space probably makes a great raccoon shelter. But it’s also important to understand the level of destruction raccoons are capable of. Raccoons are cute, wire-chewing, insulatio


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