7 Steps to Complete Wildlife Control

When people ask us about the possibility of complete wildlife control, they are typically referring to the full eradication and exclusion of pests in the home. No more raccoons nesting in the attic, no mice under the kitchen sink, and no bats in the mud room ceiling. They don’t want to worry about future infestations either. Achieving complete wildlife control is possible, but it takes the careful completion of the following seven steps: Identify the types of wildlife causing problems in the home. Certain animals need to be trapped, others can be chased out, and the rest can be eliminated using rodenticide products. The approach depends on the animals being removed from the home. Opossums, raccoons, and other creatures nesting in the attic can easily be trapped and safely relocated. The timing for trapping these animals is critical because if there are babies present, the entire nest needs to be removed at once. The good news about bats is that they predictably leave your home at du


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